Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year.........

Sitting here this morning, I am thinking about all of the things that I would like to accomplish this year. Here are just a few in no special order...........
1. Lose weight....I know that is the number one thing that most people want to do and most of the time they fail at it. I just don't need to do it for health reasons.  I also need to do it because I LOVE MYSELF!!
2. Keep my home clean and peaceful. I dont like the "CHAOS" that I feel if my home is not straightened up at least.  I am not talking about deep down cleaning on a daily basis, but clean enough that I will not be embarrassed if someone would stop by.
3. Work on my relationship with God. I think that no matter how much someone prays that if they only have the one sided conversation and don't listen for his answer or guidance there isn't a relationship.
4. I would love to start doing some of my hobbies again. Some of them are seasonal related I will have to do them according to the weather.....ex gardening

I hope that everyone has some thoughts about what they want the "New Year" to be like for themselves and their families. I pray that all of them come true and that we find peace in all that we do.
Hugs and prayers

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