Friday, January 2, 2009

Filling breakfast

I got up late this morning, so I just finished eating my breakfast. I scrambled 3 egg whites, 3 oz of ham, a few tatar tots and some swiss cheese and wrapped it all up in a tomato basil wrap. Awesome and very filling!!!! I will need to drink some extra water to get the salt from the ham out of my system, but it was worth it. The whole thing was only 6 points. That leaves me with 19 points for the rest of the day. Plus my aps for the day.

Not much going on today, do need to vaccum and dust. I have already finished up the laundry from yesterday and did my hotspots. Do need to decide what I will be making for supper.  Might just have left overs. We do have lasagna in the ice box and some other things, like sloppy joes and taco meat. Oh, just figured out what I will be having........a taco salad......Yum!!!!!

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  1. Hello, I came across your blog today and just thought I'd leave a comment. I know you mentioned taco salad but I just love making tacos for dinner to. There so yummy!