Sunday, January 11, 2009

I have been Tagged.......

I've been tagged!
I've been tagged by Anne at

My first thing to do is......
Name 5 things in my purse:
1. keys
2. hand lotion
3. chap stick
4. checkbook
5. wallet

Next is to
Name 5 things in my work room
I don't have a work room but the room that I spend most of
my time in is the kitchen so I will name items in there.....
1. Pictures of family
2. Picture painted on a old piece of wood from a barn
3. smallwind chime hanging above my sink
4. coffeepot
5. my "FLY"Lady timer

Name 5 things that I always wanted to do:
1. go to Ireland actually travel would be a better way to put that
2. design clothes
3. run a non profit rescue for animals and educate children
4. teach hanicapped children
5. open up my own restaurant

Name 5 things I'm currently into.......
1. blogging
2. reading
3. losing weight
4. cross stitch
5. taking care of family & home

I am still working my way around the blogs and I
now have to tag 5 people to add these lists to their blog.
I don't know that many, but, I will choose:

Nan at
Ida at

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