Thursday, January 29, 2009

Boy, it is cold outside at.......

4 in the morning. We have to keep the pup calm, so we have to
take her outside on leash. This morning, she was up and needed
out, so I just put on shoes and my coat. Well, that was the wrong
thing to do......LOL I was about frozen when we came back in 5
minutes later. She would of stayed out longer to play if I had let
I have gotten my morning routine done and am now getting ready
to clean out the ice box. Today is our trash day, so it will be picked
up and I won't have to worry about the strays getting into it. I do
really need to figure out a easier way of keeping it clean as that is
one thing that I really hate to do. Any and all suggestions are wel-
Hugs and Prayers

1 comment:

  1. The one thing I hate most about the fridge is how the milk gets the top shelf all messy so quickly. I keep one of those kitchen aid rubber pot holder's on the shelf so that I can easily rinse it when it's starts to get dirty from that milk. Stay warm. I hope the pooch is feeling better.