Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Pup is home.......

We picked up the pup yesterday from the vet and
she is one stoned puppy.....LOL!!!!! She was having
some problems walking but that is to be understood
as the vet had given her some pain meds for the ride
home. She did pretty good on the way home until she
had a accident in DH's truck. I tried to get that cleaned
up when we got home, but there is only so much that
I could do with it freezing outside.
She slept most of the day and only ate 1/2 of what she
normally does in dog food, but loved the cookies that
I made for her on Monday. I also gave her some dog
biscuits and cheese. Had to give her some meds and
she will take that with the cheese, but didn't want
it to upset her tummy.
I took her out this morning, and she is acting a bit
more normal, so that is a good sign that she is feeling
better. We have to keep her as calm as possible until
the 6th of Feb. so that the internal stitches heal and
dissolve. That will be a chore!!!!!
Hugs and Prayers

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  1. Oh I hope your pooch is feeling better soon.