Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It is Cold..............

I am sitting here this morning in my pjs with a cup of coffee.
Just finished letting the dogs back in and about froze....LOL
It is below zero here this morning, but the wind is terrible.
It just cuts right through you.

I have been working on trying to do menu planning, but just
can't seem to get that going. I usually ask dh what he wants
as I get tired of always cooking the same old thing. DH is a
meat and potatoes guy and doesn't eat that lots of veggies
So, that is a problem as lots of reciepes call for veggies that
he won't eat and you can't sub in what ones he will eat.

I need to get in gear and finish up my morning routines
done. The are about half way done and it will only take
a few minutes to finish them and get some other cleaning

Hugs and Prayers


  1. Oh, to be able to sit in ones pj's with a cup of coffee.......*sigh*
    Now, it's jump out of bed, force down breakfast, get ready and rush off to work.

    I usually ask hubby what he wants for supper. I almost always get the same answer.
    "I don't know. What do you want?"

  2. Making up menu's in my family is always a struggle for me to. There are so many factors you have to keep in mind for all the family members. Likes, dislikes etc., etc., etc.! It can be a real bummer sometimes.

  3. Hi hun, I found you through Anne's blog (she's great isn't she!) and thought I'd let you know I have a cookbook with lots and lots of recipes on here. Maybe it will help with your menu planning. Alot of my recipes came about because of picky eaters :) Good luck & have a great day!