Sunday, January 4, 2009


Fresh homemade bread. I love that smell and it reminds me so much of being with my GP, DA and DU. That brings back good memories. My DGM loved to make homemade bread, noodles, sweet rolls, coffee cake, fudge, cookies, popcorn balls and tons of other things. I have such fond memories of sneaking cookie dough out of the bowl and eating it. Her acting like she was upset, but doing the same thing. LOL I made some cinnamon honey butter to put on it. YUMMMMMMMMY!!!!!!!
I am doing a 12 week challenge concerning my weight and today is the official start day. If anyone is doing WW points (I have the at home kit that I purchased yrs ago, but will use it) I would love to get recipes and other info from you.
Hugs and Prayers

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  1. I just made some Rustic Italian bread over the weekend and it turned out ok. But I know what you mean about the smells of fresh bread baking in the oven. It makes the home smell so nice. My mom used those weight watcher point cards a few years back and she lost weight using those to if that's what your talking about. Happy New Year.