Friday, January 16, 2009


I woke up to snow this morning, not alot just about a .5 inch
The worse part of winter for me is the wind. It just seems to
cut right through me. Actually, I should say that the cold is
what bothers me the most as the colder it gets the more I hurt.

I finished my morning routine and have started decluttering
my spare bedroom closet. It is actually my dd's room, but since
she moved out, dh and I decided to make it the spare room. I
have been doing really well on getting rid of things that I don't
love, don't need or is trash.
I still need to work on my cookbooks that I have collected or that
have been given to me. That is one of my down falls. I love
cookbooks. LOL!!!!! I love to cook!!!!! Really don't like the cleaning
up part, but you have to make a mess sometimes!!!!!! Tonight dh
wants pizza, so that will be a quick and easy meal. I love the WW
deep dish pizza, but will make 2 thin crust pizzas tonight as I want
mushrooms, peppers, and other veggies on mine and dh doesn't eat
to many veggies.
Hugs and Prayers

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  1. Monday I'm going to try another attempt at making homemade pizza. I hope it doesn't end up being a nightmare! I've seen and heard a few bloggers out there who are making homemade pizza. Sounds good but mine never turns out. Huh. =)