Monday, January 5, 2009

Busy Day

Today we go to see a specialist about my DH's back. We find out what the options are and if surgery will help. I am hoping and praying that if we do decide on the surgery that dh will be able to do the things that he loves without the pain that he is in now. He has a real hard time sitting or standing for any length of time. Believe me, he has never really been someone to sit still for to long but with this injury, he can only sit for about 15 minutes and than has to move. It is the same with standing.  I can understand what he is going through concerning the pain.
I have my morning routine done and have started doing some of my afternoon routine as his appt is at 1130. We will probably just have leftovers for dinner. I made tator tot casserole last night, so will plan to finish that off.  Have a great day
Hugs and Prayers


  1. Oh dear, that doesn't sound good with your dear hubby in all that pain. I hope he'll be able to find some relief. I've tried a turkey tater tot casserole before. I don't know if that is the same one your talking about. I think I got the recipe in one of those pillsbury recipe books you get in the check out lane at a grocery store. I like it though. It was good.

  2. Please stop by at Peek-A-Boo Street! I have something for you.