Saturday, February 21, 2009

Could of slept in but........

The dogs woke me up this morning to be let out and all I wanted to do was crawl back into the nice warm bed. It is really windy and cold out there. The poodle just ran out, did his business, ran back in and climbed under his blanket. Sure wished I had the camera ready as all that is sticking out of the blanket is his nose. LOL!!!!!

It has been one busy week, but the house is clean and I get to relax this weekend. I do need to do a bit of laundry but that is all. I am hoping to get on Facebook and figure that out some more.

I also need to work on the family tree some and have recently connected with some of my df's side of the family.

Surgery is back on for dh's back. The spine specialist is going to talk to his partner about the fracture in dh's pelvic area to see if anything can be done for that. If something can be done, they will try to do it at the same time they do the back surgery. We should know in 1-3 weeks if the surgery has been approved. Work comp takes its time. Than after surgery, it could take up to 6 months before he gets back to work. Poor guy will be crazy by that time. DH is one to always be doing something. He has done alot of remodeling to make it easier for me. He also put in laminate wood flooring all through the upstairs and was working on the basement last year before all this happened. He is itching to get started again, but knows that he is unable to do it. All of the remodeling has taken well over 2 years, but it was so worth it.

I hope that everyone had a good week and that the weekend is even better.

Hugs and Prayers,

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Free day......

Today is a free day for me. My dh and I got the place
all cleaned up yesterday as my sil was suppose to come
by for coffee and to pick up something. Well, she stopped
by but just to pick something up. I was really disappointed
but got to thinking about it and decided that it was actually
ok as that made today my free day. I guess it was a blessing
in disguise.
I do need to clean out some dresser drawers and might do
some of that today as it is on the agenda for tommorrow.
But if I do a few 15 minute boogies on them today, that will
be less to do tommorrow and more free time on that day.
Yes, I think that I will do that. I love my free time.
I am still trying to figure out face book and Ida told me
that she has account there so maybe we can be come
Hugs and Prayers to all
And Thank You for reading my blog

Monday, February 16, 2009

Learning Face Book

A friend of mine told me about face book and
I am trying to learn it. I have imported my
blog to it so hopefully this will work.
Not much going on today. Routines are
done so far. Can't clean the bathroom as
we had to reseal the shower walls and
regrout them. Just checked and it didn't
work so will have to figure out why not.
Hope all is having a good day.
Hugs and Prayers to all

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lazy Day

Last night was awesome!!!!! DH helped cook
dinner and even helped clean up the mess.
We just spent a nice relaxing evening at home.
With his back, we thought that it would be better
to go out for dinner later during the instead of
trying to be in the crowds. As far as, I am concerned
it couldn't have been a better evening.
I hope that all had a good night and enjoyed it with
their Valentines.
Hugs and Prayers

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope that everyone enjoys today!!!!! My DH bought
me four miniture rose bushes for Valentines day. They
are so cute!!!!! I love roses and we have them out in the
yard. I will be cooking his favorite meal and we will spend
time together watching movies and cuddling!!!!! Perfect
date night for me!!!!!!
DH is still sleeping and I want to get a few things done
for him before he wakes up. I plan on making him his
favorite breakfast. Waffles, eggs, bacon and hashbrowns
Need to get my tush in gear as he will be up shortly
Hugs and Prayers

Friday, February 13, 2009

No Snow Yet!!!!!

Almost all of our snow is gone, but they are really
predicting more on its way. From what I understood
it was suppose to start last night. Thank goodness, it
didn't. I really need to listen to the weather some time
today to see if it is on its way still or if we were lucky
and it missed us.
I don't have much planned for the day except to do
some light house cleaning. Just really need to do a
load of laundry, dust and vaccum and mop the floors.
I also need to catch up on some e-mails that I should
of done a couple of days ago. But that won't take long.
The pup is back to normal and running around like she
is crazy. I will be so glad when it gets warm, so that we
can go for walks. It is just to cold for me to do it in the
winter. I end up in so much pain, so do indoor exercises
during the winter months.
Hugs and Prayers

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spending time with Aunt....

Today, my DA is coming down to help me
make runzas and pizza pockets. I love to
spend time with her and this is a great
way to do it. Of course, I share and send
some home with her. That way if she isn't
in the mood to cook, she can put something
in the oven and supper will be done.
On Monday, we found out that DH needs
to have a bone scan done on Thrusday.
One of his tests shows that he has a
fracture in his left pelvis. We are not
sure if this is because of his back injury
or what is going on. He also has some
abnormalities on his right pelvis. Say
prayers for us, please
Hugs and Prayers to all

Monday, February 9, 2009

Rainy Morning

This morning, I woke up to rain. I love the rain in the
spring and summer, but in the winter it can be a pain
if the temps drop.
I am so glad that I didn't get the floors mopped yet.
The dogs will be tracking in mud. I am trying to teach
the pup to wait until I wipe her feet off but she just
comes running in. She does go to her kennel when
told so I make her wait there until her paws are
dry and just take a damp cloth to wipe the prints
My hands are feeling some what better, but they
are still swollen so will do little things today that
need to be done. I do need to go to MIL's some
time today.
Thanks to all that leave comments on my thread
Hugs and Prayers

Sunday, February 8, 2009

In MAJOR PAIN TODAY.............

I have been off for a few days trying to get my house in order
and than.......DH throws a wrench in it...
Yesterday, DH decided to get 2 recliners that his mom had
given us. I explained to him that before we brought them
over I wanted to get the living room set up so that all we had
to do was put them into place. So, we started doing that but
couldn't quite figure out how we wanted the furniture, so off
we go to get the recliners. Now, my whole house is trashed!
There is furniture all over in the living room, kitchen and hall.
We bring the recliners in and rearrange the other furniture
about 10 times and still can not figure it. Now the whole time
this is going on DH keeps running back and forth to check
his cell phone as a friend of his wants DH to help him build
a deck around his pool. Which is fine, but we have this major
rearranging project in the living room. Finally, after about a
hour or so of this, the living room is still not done but I get
really fed up with DH paying more attention to his phone
than the task at hand, I tell him to go to his friends. Which he
does, so while he is gone, I figure out the furniture and get
the living room all set up and put the rest of the house back
in order. DH comes home about 4 hours later and loves it.
I still needed to fix dinner, luckily it was ham balls and all
I needed to do was make rice or noodles to go with it and
heat up the ham balls. I had only sat done about 10 minutes
before DH got home, so he fixed dinner. But, I am really
a hurting unit this morning. My hands are killing me, so for
today, I am relaxing and giving them a break. I do need to
vaccum and mop the floors, but that will be done on Monday
Hugs and Prayers to all

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life got in the way.......

Yesterday was one day that I really don't want to repeat
any time soon. My nephew had to have surgery and called
us early in the morning and asked if we could come to the
hospital. Of course, we went. Which means that nothing
got done here at home.That is ok as, it was more important
to be there for him. We did have to explain to him that we
would not be there when he woke up as DH had a dr appt
with the spine specialist. He was ok with that and they took
him in to surgery at 1228 and we had to leave at 1230. His
surgery went well and he is doing fine.
At dh's drs appt, we had to watch a video about the surgery
for his back. We have to wait for work comp to approve it,
so who knows how long that will take and than he will be off
work at least another 6-8 weeks after that. He is so bored and
After that we were heading over to mil's when her security com
called us and told us that her alarm went off. Now, we know that
she is home as she just had knee surgery so we find out that it is
her medical alert that went off. Luckily, we were just a few minutes
away so we told them to hold off calling the police as we were all
most there. We get there and let ourselves in and find her with her
walker in the bathroom. She accidetally hit the button but couldn't
get to the phone to let them know that she was fine. We call the
security company and tell them that all is well. We also told her that
she needs to take a phone with her just in case.
By the time we got home, I was exhausted. I know that I didn't eat
well or get my water in. Today is a new day and will be starting over
I also need to get things done that was suppose to be done yesterday
and work on what needs to be done today.
Hugs and Prayers

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Feeling Blah.......

I am not sure why but for the last few days, I
have just felt blah. Maybe it is the weather, even
though yesterday was beautiful. Maybe, it is that
it is winter and I do have a bit of seasonal depression.
Or maybe, it is stress. Who knows!!!!!
I did lose 3 lbs in Jan. Was hoping for more, but will
take what I can get. I am sure that me not getting all
my water in isn't helping. I have a tried everything that
I can think of to get myself to drink my water. Flavors,
teas, not drinking coffee until I had at least 16 oz of water
gone, and even trying the treat myself with something if I
get all my water in. But, it hasn't worked. The no coffee
until I had 16 oz of water gave me a terrible headache and
I drink decaf coffee.
Hugs and Prayers