Friday, February 13, 2009

No Snow Yet!!!!!

Almost all of our snow is gone, but they are really
predicting more on its way. From what I understood
it was suppose to start last night. Thank goodness, it
didn't. I really need to listen to the weather some time
today to see if it is on its way still or if we were lucky
and it missed us.
I don't have much planned for the day except to do
some light house cleaning. Just really need to do a
load of laundry, dust and vaccum and mop the floors.
I also need to catch up on some e-mails that I should
of done a couple of days ago. But that won't take long.
The pup is back to normal and running around like she
is crazy. I will be so glad when it gets warm, so that we
can go for walks. It is just to cold for me to do it in the
winter. I end up in so much pain, so do indoor exercises
during the winter months.
Hugs and Prayers

1 comment:

  1. The snow they were predicting here pretty much missed us. (so far) I don't do outside exercise in the winter, either.