Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lazy Day

Last night was awesome!!!!! DH helped cook
dinner and even helped clean up the mess.
We just spent a nice relaxing evening at home.
With his back, we thought that it would be better
to go out for dinner later during the instead of
trying to be in the crowds. As far as, I am concerned
it couldn't have been a better evening.
I hope that all had a good night and enjoyed it with
their Valentines.
Hugs and Prayers


  1. A lot of the time my hubby and I also go out for the 'early bird.' I to like to go early sometimes before the restaurant gets to crowded. I glad to hear that your evening went good.

  2. We also spent a quiet evening at home. We eat out so often that for a treat I cooked one of hubby's favorite meals. It was very nice.