Saturday, February 21, 2009

Could of slept in but........

The dogs woke me up this morning to be let out and all I wanted to do was crawl back into the nice warm bed. It is really windy and cold out there. The poodle just ran out, did his business, ran back in and climbed under his blanket. Sure wished I had the camera ready as all that is sticking out of the blanket is his nose. LOL!!!!!

It has been one busy week, but the house is clean and I get to relax this weekend. I do need to do a bit of laundry but that is all. I am hoping to get on Facebook and figure that out some more.

I also need to work on the family tree some and have recently connected with some of my df's side of the family.

Surgery is back on for dh's back. The spine specialist is going to talk to his partner about the fracture in dh's pelvic area to see if anything can be done for that. If something can be done, they will try to do it at the same time they do the back surgery. We should know in 1-3 weeks if the surgery has been approved. Work comp takes its time. Than after surgery, it could take up to 6 months before he gets back to work. Poor guy will be crazy by that time. DH is one to always be doing something. He has done alot of remodeling to make it easier for me. He also put in laminate wood flooring all through the upstairs and was working on the basement last year before all this happened. He is itching to get started again, but knows that he is unable to do it. All of the remodeling has taken well over 2 years, but it was so worth it.

I hope that everyone had a good week and that the weekend is even better.

Hugs and Prayers,


  1. Oh your poor husband. This must be really difficult for him. I'll continue to say my prayers for you both. Take care.

  2. Wow, that will be hard on him (and you) I hope he finds something to do while he is unable to work. Will be praying for both of you.

  3. Just poppin' in to say hello. ☺

  4. Happy Easter to you and to your family!