Sunday, February 8, 2009

In MAJOR PAIN TODAY.............

I have been off for a few days trying to get my house in order
and than.......DH throws a wrench in it...
Yesterday, DH decided to get 2 recliners that his mom had
given us. I explained to him that before we brought them
over I wanted to get the living room set up so that all we had
to do was put them into place. So, we started doing that but
couldn't quite figure out how we wanted the furniture, so off
we go to get the recliners. Now, my whole house is trashed!
There is furniture all over in the living room, kitchen and hall.
We bring the recliners in and rearrange the other furniture
about 10 times and still can not figure it. Now the whole time
this is going on DH keeps running back and forth to check
his cell phone as a friend of his wants DH to help him build
a deck around his pool. Which is fine, but we have this major
rearranging project in the living room. Finally, after about a
hour or so of this, the living room is still not done but I get
really fed up with DH paying more attention to his phone
than the task at hand, I tell him to go to his friends. Which he
does, so while he is gone, I figure out the furniture and get
the living room all set up and put the rest of the house back
in order. DH comes home about 4 hours later and loves it.
I still needed to fix dinner, luckily it was ham balls and all
I needed to do was make rice or noodles to go with it and
heat up the ham balls. I had only sat done about 10 minutes
before DH got home, so he fixed dinner. But, I am really
a hurting unit this morning. My hands are killing me, so for
today, I am relaxing and giving them a break. I do need to
vaccum and mop the floors, but that will be done on Monday
Hugs and Prayers to all


  1. I hope your hands feel better. It sounds like you just did way to much on your own. Yes you should just take it easy today and rest. Take care.

  2. Sounds like a lot of work. Makes me tired just reading about it. LOL. Take it easy today, those floors will wait. Trust me, no little fairy is going to come cheat you out of the pleasure of doing it. (and if they do, send them my way.....)