Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Free day......

Today is a free day for me. My dh and I got the place
all cleaned up yesterday as my sil was suppose to come
by for coffee and to pick up something. Well, she stopped
by but just to pick something up. I was really disappointed
but got to thinking about it and decided that it was actually
ok as that made today my free day. I guess it was a blessing
in disguise.
I do need to clean out some dresser drawers and might do
some of that today as it is on the agenda for tommorrow.
But if I do a few 15 minute boogies on them today, that will
be less to do tommorrow and more free time on that day.
Yes, I think that I will do that. I love my free time.
I am still trying to figure out face book and Ida told me
that she has account there so maybe we can be come
Hugs and Prayers to all
And Thank You for reading my blog

1 comment:

  1. I to love free days and free time! Good luck again on face blog. It's nice if you have someone to help you get started. I had my mom in law help me when I was starting to blog. And boy did that ever help. Have a nice evening.