Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Moving slow

I am definitely moving slow this morning. I have CPS (chronic pain syndrome) in my body and some mornings, I just don't want to move. Today is one of those days......LOL I have been up since 5 this morning, but just now got on the computer. So, I really got to enjoy my quiet time praying, having coffee and enjoying the sunrise.
I usually don't talk a lot about my CPS, but do want people to understand that even if you can't see someone's disability doesn't mean that they aren't disabled in some way. Just last night, I was yelled at for parking in the handicapped parking. Yes, I do have a permit for parking there. The police were even called and I had my letter stating that I was able to do that. This person, just went on ranting and raving about how wrong it is that they (the state) could let someone like me (not looking disabled) park there. According to this person my only problem is that I am fat.
How I wish that was my only problem......LOL That is one problem that I can and am trying to change.
Yesterday, was a good day. I did get some cleaning done and watched what I ate. I do need to start drinking more water, but did get in 6 glasses, so am pleased about that. I will do better on that today by adding at least one more glass. I do need to start getting some sort of exercise in. If it was warmer out, I would take my dog for a walk at the park, but it is just to cold to do that and I seem to hurt more when it is cold. I do have WATP (walk away the pound) cd so will have to find that and use it.
Hope you have a great day
Hugs and Prayers

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  1. Some people just don't understand. I have handicap plates and people would just think I am driving someone elses car who is handicapped as I do look alright. But my problem is my knees I can not walk far. The doctor wants me to have surgery but I have refused. I am trusting the Lord to heal them . Hoping too that with losing weight it will ease the pressure. I do a body flex exercise at home cause I can;t do the walking. But hope to start going to a womens fittness center I belong to next week. They have water aerobics and that is easy on the joints.